Verbier 2017: A trip to the Swiss Alps - a change of scenery

Last year it was the Cresta and Bobsleigh in St Moritz, this year I was off to see my parents and a few mates in Verbier (a scenic 2 hour drive up into the mountains from Geneva, Switzerland) for...

29 June, 2017

Team Sport - Beyond the obvious health benefits

Each to their own for this debate, but speaking from personal experience, I’d take team sport over individual sport every time...and here’s why.

22 June, 2017

How to approach a run in with an ice track, a tray, and gravity

Sliding down a 1.2km ice skeleton track at 60mph, face first, on nothing more than a piece of wood with 2 skates on the bottom. That’s what I recently found myself doing after agreeing to try out...

06 September, 2016