Part 4: The final stretch, Fish River Canyon

On the morning of the final day, the atmosphere in the campsite was one of excitement and anticipation. Feet were sore, bodies were fatigued but spirits were high. There was talk of cold beers and...

27 July, 2017

Part 3: Along the canyon floor, Fish River Canyon

 As the Fish River meandered through the canyon it became strikingly obvious  how powerful the river could be when in full force. At first, the steep walls towered above us but made finding shade...

20 July, 2017

Part 2: The Descent, Fish River Canyon Hike

The Descent

An early rise and a 60 minute journey along the local dirt tracks in the back of a safari truck was our route to the trail head. This is where we first encountered the immensity of the...

13 July, 2017

MegaZip - Evoke Your Senses At Night!

There has always been a certain mystique associated with the night. Your senses become heightened and your body adjusts to the surroundings in a very special way. Vision becomes clearer, sound is...

15 March, 2017

Part 3: The Essential Expedition Toolkit

I had an amusing exchange with a reader last week who condemned the advice offered thus far, to quote a famous Monty Python sketch, as “stating the bleedin’ obvious”!
21 October, 2016

Part 2: Ingredients for a successful expedition

Last week we explored the benefits of escaping the daily grind and getting out in to the great outdoors. I think many more people would do so, if they knew how to plan an expedition. It is not as...

14 October, 2016

Part 1: How to Plan the Perfect Expedition

During my military training, one favoured test was to be woken at the dead of night, put on a lorry, driven in to the Welsh mountains, dumped in the middle of nowhere and told to get to a...

12 October, 2016

Eating Elephants in Antarctica: My South Pole Adventure

“How do you eat an Elephant?”

06 September, 2016