29 AugPerfect or good? Wait or act?

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One of the most frequent reasons things don't get done, particularly in a sales environment, is because people plan and wait for the perfect alignment of the stars. In my experience, they rarely do and you might as well just get on with it. The two most talented entrepreneurs I ever worked with shared a common characteristic. They were spontaneous. If they had an idea, particularly when it came to a revenue generating one, they rarely paused to plan the perfect path to success. They just got on the phone and pitched it. Both were pretty thick skinned and managed rejection as part of their trade. If a call failed, it would at least inform. They would always discover why the potential client saw things differently. On to the next call, better educated and better prepared. There may be exceptions to this rule, but by and large it works.

One of the things that makes me wince when I ask for a progress report is “I sent an e mail and I am waiting to hear back from them”. Talk about a self-fashioned nail in a commercial coffin. In this day and age everyone is busy and suffering from congested schedules. They aren’t being rude. They may well want to talk to you. They are probably just “distraction driven”. They prioritise matters as they are confronted by them. Making sure you are under someone’s nose until you get a result is often the only way to make progress. Even if it’s a “no”, it gets them off your radar and allows you to move on to other prospects.

Both these concepts sound like common sense, but most of us fall foul of them at some stage. Always encourage action. Nine times out of ten it will move things forward and even on the tenth, it will teach you a lesson!


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