09 MayLooking For New Adventures? Here Are Fun And Unusual Sports To Try In Britain

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If you’re looking for a truly unique adventure for your next holiday, book a ticket to Britain. Most people associate extreme sports with Australia, but the truly crazy adventures happen ithe British Isles. Across the UK there are sporting events so wacky you may well think they are works of fiction. And while England may be celebrating success in the Commonwealth Games, the real action is happening out of sight of TV cameras and big audiences. In quaint English villages, Scottish muddy fields, Welsh mountains, and Cornish seas crazy competitors are vying for glory in events that will test your strength, stamina and even your sense of humour. We’ve rounded up some of the wackiest sports you can take part in.

You’ll need a big appetite for these sports

You may not immediately think an eating contest could be considered a sport. But when you find out what British contests involve, you’ll definitely change your mind. Trying to take part in the World Nettle Eating Championship in Dorset without some serious training could see you with serious jaw-ache. Apparently, it’s not the nettles that get you - it’s the hours of chewing. If that’s a little too extreme, head to Newent in Gloucestershire. At their annual onion fayre, you could become the new onion eating champion!

Ready, set, go!

Britain, it seems, is a little obsessed with food-related sports. If British contestants are not eating food, they are chasing it. In Gloucestershire, you can take part in the annual cheese-rolling race. A Double Gloucester cheese is thrown from the top of a very steep hill and competitors chase after it. If you get to the cheese first, you can keep it. Now that’s a prize worth winning. In Devon, the food to chase is oranges. In the small town of Totnes, their annual orange chase is thought to date back to a visit from St Francis Drake in the 1580s. Oranges were seriously valuable back then - so definitely worth chasing.

Make a splash

If swimming is your thing, you may prefer to try out some water-based sports. Though, as with many other sports we’ve mentioned here, there’s a British twist to every event. In Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, you can practise your freestyle in a very unusual place - a bog. Swampy, muddy and probably teeming with critters, this isn’t a race for the squeamish.

So there we have it. A adventure holiday to Britain could see you taking part in some unique and seriously crazy events. Your only decision now is which mind-boggling sport you think you’ve got the skills for. Train hard and you could be coming home with a trophy or two.