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How do we keep our teams motivated?

When considering employee motivation, we need to recognise that in order for people to do their best work, they have to be in an environment that enables them to grow and thrive the best. In a...

12 October, 2016

Outdoors vs Indoors - Which program is better?

The benefits of team building exercises are undisputed. Through the many events that committees plan, one common question remains: Which is more effective – indoor or outdoor training?...

06 September, 2016

Exercise can improve productivity at work and in life

We are well acquainted with the benefits of hitting the gym or heading out for some exercise. Regular exercise keeps you away from chronic health conditions (heart conditions / diabetes), improves...

30 August, 2016

How to manage Cultural Diversity in your Workplace?

Workplace diversity can be described as the variety of differences among people in an organisation. The differentiating factors include but are not limited to: race, gender, personality, family...

05 July, 2016

“But I’m scared!” – 3 Tips to Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone can remember the nerve-racking, heart racing feeling you get when facing a really uncomfortable situation. Be it an interview, a business meeting with the CEO of a multi-national...

03 May, 2016