Alex Blyth

To many, Alex Blyth has had a Hollywood-style adventurer’s life… traveling to war-torn countries with the British Army, climbing mountains and trekking across Antarctica to the South Pole. Add to that a successful career in financial publishing and event management and you would think this man could rest easy, knowing he has achieved more than most already.
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What I love about my job...

What's not to enjoy about building and operating adventure parks?  Having been at it for 10 years I rarely lose sight of that. But one of the great perks of the job is that we are often asked...

26 October, 2017

Perfect or good? Wait or act?

One of the most frequent reasons things don't get done, particularly in a sales environment, is because people plan and wait for the perfect alignment of the stars. In my experience, they rarely...

29 August, 2017

My underwater demons

I am reading “The Loonliness of a Deep Sea Diver” written by a man called David Harrison Beckett. Told in an earthy Anglo Saxon style, Beckett recounts various hair raising anecdotes from a...

17 August, 2017

The art of the Musher - Day 12

Thursday 16 March

The art of the Musher……

 Mungo and I enjoy a leisurely breakfast. The girls in the kitchen have knocked up bacon and eggs without being asked. The sun pours through the window...

30 May, 2017

The Road to Lake Baikal - Day 11

Wednesday 15 March

The road to Lake Baikal…….

A second dawn in Irkutsk. A mist shrouds the Angara River. Mungo’s normal speed of movement resembles a snail crossing a glacier. This morning the...

17 May, 2017

Arrival in Irkutsk - Day 10

Tuesday 14 March

I wake in the early hours and pull up the blind. The moon is still high and bright. We are passing through short tunnels cut out of the rock above a steep bank, which overlooks a...

09 May, 2017

Mother Russia - Take 2 - Day 9

Monday 13 March

We reach Suukhbaatar at 8am the next morning. Surprise. Surprise. The Mongolian passport control officer, complete in her fur trimmed coat and leather boots, is the same one who...

04 May, 2017

Finding Genghis - Day 8 (part 2)

A Mongolian ski resort…….

As we drive north east out of town, Natalie diverts from the main road onto a private development consisting of a number of modern two storey dwellings. All very 21st...

02 May, 2017

A Shaman Adventure - Day 8 (part 1)


We meet Natalie in the lobby at 10am after a leisurely breakfast. We are off to the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, some 80 kilometres north east of the capital.  We drive...

25 April, 2017

A stroll through Ulaan Baatar - Day 7 (Part 2)

A stroll through Ulaan Baatar……..

Mungo is up, showered, changed and hungry. We decide to take a walk around the centre of town and find somewhere to eat. We set off. It is a bright clear cold...

20 April, 2017