28 NovA weekend in the Philippines

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One of the few negatives that people who have moved to Singapore from the UK have outlined, is that you’re likely to miss some events back home, that you would normally have attended had you still been there. The cost of travelling between the UK and Singapore unfortunately makes it impossible to attend each and every special occasion. This leads to the sense of missing out on things that are going on that a load of your mates are going to.


On the flip side...there are a lot of people that you do meet in Singapore who decide to tie the knot or celebrate in the region, and that’s where the fun begins. The well documented high costs around holding weddings in Singapore leads to a lot of people looking elsewhere to host their special day. Now there are a number of places close to Singapore that people have picked as their go-to destinations. The most popular, unsurprisingly, being Bali. Being a popular destination for travellers from Australia, Europe, and Asia, it has decent transport and other infrastructure. 

IMG_0951.jpgI feel that the latest wedding I was invited to was held at a destination that topped this. Mid October saw a large contingent of friends and family descend upon the beautiful island of Cebu, in the Philippines for an amazing marriage ceremony and reception between 2 good friends. The wedding party all but took over the stunning Crimson Resort and we certainly made our presence felt. The resort offered everything that you could ask for. A beautiful beach, great facilities, friendly staff, and plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the occasion.


Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to do any exploring around the rest of Cebu, but what we did see, certainly means we’ll be back for a longer, more explorative visit in the near future. Specially when we heard the amazing stories from our friends who went to do the Whale Shark experience a few hours away. I’m sure you’ll read all about that once I’ve done it myself…. time there is something going on back home that I'm not going to be able to make it to, I'll look back to this weekend and remember that it's not all doom and gloom living over here!

Here's to the next one. 



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